Guide to staying at international hotels at agreed rates

Agreed rate means that a large company signs an agreement with a hotel to agree on a discounted rate for the company’s guests or employees to stay at the hotel. It is generally lower than the hotel’s list price, but this is usually to achieve a certain occupancy rate.

Global Fortune 500s generally sign agreements with hotel group headquarters directly to agree on rates, with a globally accepted code.

Local companies sign agreements with local hotels and book through the sales department, but some also have a CODE.


  1. Some hotels will ask for verification such as employee’s license plate, business card, and corporate email (especially for IBM, GE, Siemens, etc. as the price is too low for the agreement). It’s okay to ask your employee’s friends to send emails.
  2. The first time with the agreement to stay after the back basically will not check the ID.
  3. It is true that you can’t check in at the agreed rate, so ask to check in with the same day rate.

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